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inDivine Solutions is an IT Services Organization with a focus on delivering outstanding IT Applications to the clients across geographies. We believe in allowing our Team to deliver productive and best quality solutions from the comfort of their home office or a beautiful balcony overlooking a large garden, mountain or a sea while sipping their favorite coffee and that's why we call ourselves a virtual office.

After working in IT Industry across Organizations in different business domains for over 2 decades the Founder of now inDivine Solutions had an intense urge to start something on his own, purely out of passion. With a lot of restlessness and a strong desire, numerous brain-storming sessions with passionate and like-minded folks, established start-ups and immediate family, he quit his highly-paid job and registered an organization in Jun-2020 in the pursuit of his dreams. Eventually he started offering IT services to the Organizations with requirements that matched his passion areas and then organically rebuilt a conglomerate of consultants with a diversified tech-stack.Taking like-minded folks along in the journey to pursue something that wasn't really well-thought of, was a little tricky but very quickly turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Today we are a Tech Firm with no Tech Constraints. We continue to learn, upgrade ourselves and deliver. We believe in growing along with our clients.


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