inDivine Solutions

We serve and We Build IT for you

inDivine Solutions is an IT Services Organization with a focus on delivering outstanding IT Applications to the clients across geographies. We believe in allowing our Team to deliver productive and best quality solutions from the comfort of their home office or a beautiful balcony overlooking a large garden, mountain or a sea while sipping their favorite coffee and that's why we call ourselves a virtual office.


The Team’s expertise across Tech platforms is diversified to handle any type of requirements On-Premise and Cloud (Both Private and Public); structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

  • Application Development Services.
  • Data Center Services
  • Cloud Management Services
  • Reporting and Dashboards

Application Development Services

We provide customized solutions to our Clients that best suits their needs and help them scale the applications along with their core Business. This includes and does not limit to building in-house Standalone Applications which are monolithically built but also that are Web Portals/Applications compatible with multiple platforms and devices, UI/UX designing, scripting and building microservices for easy integration with upstream and downstream applications.

Cloud Management Services

We have successful stories in helping our clients with AWS Cloud using build-operate-transfer services. The Team is also capable to pilot these services on Google, Azure and other clouds too.

Reporting and Dashboards

While we believe in minimal re-work and prefer recommending established and proven “Reporting & Dashboarding” Tools available in the market to our clients, we are well versed with customizing using most of these tools and offer the same as solutions as needed. Besides, we use our App Dev Services to deliver custom Reporting solutions which are either not possible with the Readymade Tools or a little too dollar consuming for small and medium sized requirements.

Data Center Services

While building application is our Key offering, we also provide multiple other aspects that are equally important for the smooth operations of the IT Applications vis-à-vis client system virtualization, designing solutions for storage, backup & recovery of data, DB Modeling, designing, SQL, PL-SQL on both RDBMS and NoSQL data, OS Scripting as needed on Linux platforms, etc.


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